Georgia Bio's Education and Workforce Development program works to strengthen the Bioscience Workforce Pipeline, an integrated approach to collaboration for a strong life sciences workforce.

We are committed to creating a sustainable collaborative base in order to be Responsive, Cohesive and Strategic in our goal to increase access and innovation in Georgia's thriving, vibrant life sciences sector.


Accelerating the alignment of Georgia’s current and future workforce with the needs of its life sciences industries through collaborations with Technical Colleges offering biotechnology programs and Universities offering Professional Degree programs at the graduate level.


Articulating the path to increasing state-wide STEM impact through biotechnology teacher training and the Visiting Scientist program to increase the skills and interest of high school students in the life sciences.

Advancing bioscience workforce development through Georgia Bio's HR Network Shared Training initiative.


Programmatic goals

  • Develop statewide education policies, curricula and resources that enhance life science teaching and learning.
  • Integrate secondary education, two-year and four-year institutions into a seamless life sciences career pathway.
  • Build a cohesive and interactive community of life science educators and workforce developers.


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