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Careers in the biosciences and biotechnology span a wide variety of industries – such as medical and veterinary products, research and development, food processing, agriculture, chemical products, and environmental firms. The jobs performed by workers with a bioscience or biotechnology background can range from lab work to field monitoring, to regulatory affairs and quality assurance, and business areas such as sales and technical service.

There are excellent sites on the web which give examples of these careers, educational requirements, and the future demand.

Career Voyages
In addition to providing industry information, demand data, career summaries and videos, and salary information, this site will allow you to search for educational opportunities linked to this occupation in any state or based on your zip code.

Biotech Work Portal
This site of the San Diego Workforce Partnership gives comprehensive career profiles, wages, and advancement ladders, labor market data, and a searchbale database of training programs all over the U.S.

Biotechnology Industry Organization
The international trade association site contains current news, industry trends, and biotechnology product inforamtion in health, agriculture, indsurtial and environmental applications.

Biotechnology Institute
A national nonprofit dedicated to promoting biotechnology educaiton, this site contains career information, teacher resources, and information about national conferences and training, and national student competitions - BioGENEius and BioDreaming.

Bio-Link is a National Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Center for Biotechnology that originated in late 1998 with a grant from the National Science Foundation.  The student page contains videos, career scenarios and other career development resources.


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