Georgia’s Life Sciences Industry

The life sciences industry uses modern biological techniques and supporting technologies with a goal to improve human and animal health, address threats to the environment, improve crop production, contain emerging and existing diseases, and improve currently used manufacturing technologies. These industries also utilize a specialized workforce, manufacturing procedures and facilities, and often require targeted funding.

Georgia is home to more than 270 bioscience companies and their recent growth has outpaced other industries in Georgia. The bioscience industry makes up a relatively small part of the state's overall economy but clearly the growth potential remains impressive:

From 2001-2005, the bioscience industry grew in by 38.4% compared to the national average growth rate of just 20%

State industry employment grew by 8.5% while the average for all industries in Georgia was just 1.6%

Currently the bioscience industry has 15,000 employees. When the public sector is included that number doubles to 30,000

Total wages in Georgia have increased by 29.9% versus 13% for all industries

The bioscience community in Georgia is a rich mix of Pharmaceutical, Medical device, Diagnostic and medical supply companies, Emerging bioscience companies, Contract laboratory, Preclinical and clinical research organizations, and World-class public and private research institutions and universities.

Some examples of the companies in Georgia include: Altea Therapeutics, AtheroGenics, CardioMEMS, Ciba Vision (Novartis), CryoLife, Immucor, Monsanto, Noramco (Johnson & Johnson), OPTI Medical Systems, Sciele Pharma, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Theragenics, UCB, Inhibitex, and Merial.

Atlanta is home to the headquarters of the premier public health research institute in the world, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Atlanta is also home to the headquarters of several nonprofit organizations including the American Cancer Society, the Carter Center, the Arthritis Foundation and CARE.

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